The young’un

The youngun
Bergger Pancro 400 (810)

Do not worry. Im not gonna go all sentimental on what a gift children is – as I am sure people who have kids are aware of that, and people that don’t are fed up of that kind of talk. However, my son just turned two, and shortly before his birthday I shot the above photo with my 8×10″ view camera on a 210mm lens and bellows fully stretched.

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Barcode perspectives

Ektar (810)

I am aware of that these buildings, the Oslo Barcode, have been photographed a lot already. But I wanted to give it ago too. This first above is one of the first I took with my large format camera. It is shot on Ektar. It was early evening and it might be a bit underexposed. Nevertheless, considering my experience at the time I’m quite happy with it.

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