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Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.I

My name is Peter Kristvik Risholm. I was born in Kristiansund in 1979. Today I live in Oslo, Norway, with my wife (who took my portrait) and our son.

I shoot both digital and analog but this attempt of a blog will be on my analog photography. I’ll write about how I took the photos, why I like them, and sometimes, where it takes my thoughts.

I got a Cambo SC 8×10″ for my large format photography and a Hasselblad 500C/M for my medium format photography. I use an Epson V700 to scan film and I’ve been trying out different sorts of software to scan and do post processing – as of now I use a combination of SilverFast, PhotoLine and ColorPerfect. I might get into these things in my writing as well.

What I really appreciate about photography is its ability to capture a moment or to convey an atmosphere or a mood. I will do my best to present a various selection of photos. Feel free to criticize constructively or give helpful advise, get in touch and check out more of my photos on Flickr. You can also contact, add or follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Peter Kristvik Risholm

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