The young’un

The youngun
Bergger Pancro 400 (810)

Do not worry. Im not gonna go all sentimental on what a gift children is – as I am sure people who have kids are aware of that, and people that don’t are fed up of that kind of talk. However, my son just turned two, and shortly before his birthday I shot the above photo with my 8×10″ view camera on a 210mm lens and bellows fully stretched.

Clearly I am very well aware of that this is not the first photo of my son I’ve presented here, but, I quite favor this one. I had just got a 210mm, and with that I am able to stretch out my bellows to the double of the focal length to do some closeups – and to get pretty close to peoples faces. I prefer not to use a flash if I can, but in this case when I had to compensate 2 stops for the bellow length, I didn’t even consider not using one. I gave him raisins to get him to sit still, but, with his mouth full of them, I still needed a small aperture and decent depth of field to make sure it would be sharp. I held a Metz flash just above the lens and took the picture. When you take photos of moving kids you never really now how it will turn out until you get to see the picture. This was also my last sheet of film so I had just one shot to make it right. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the result.

It is shot on Bergger Pancro 400 and I made a linear scan in SilverFast, and used PhotoLine and ColorPerfect to post process it. I prefer taking photos over post processing, so for me and my kind ColorPerfect is brilliant. It is indeed difficult to take photos of toddlers using 8×10″ large format cameras, and that – in itself, almost – makes it worthy of attention. Either way, this particular photo is one of my favorites.

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