The analog boats vs the digital ones

FujiPro 400H at 800 (120)

This is Jylland. The Danish west coast. You don’t see too much of the scenery in the photos, but it’s a fantastic coastal landscape. It’s very different from my native Norwegian coast but I still feel a sense of familiarity and ease there. The first photo is analog and shot with my Hasselblad 500C/M on FujiPro 400 pushed one stop, while the three others were shot digitally the next day with my Canon 6D. And to me these photos represents what separates analog photography from digital photography.

Canon 6D

With the Hasselblad I did only one shot, and it’s my favorite. I will say this though, this is not about the “quality” of the photo. The technical quality of the pictures my Canon produces is fantastic, and the detail rendition is great – this is more about process and how that serves photography, at least mine. The weather and shooting conditions where pretty much the same the next day when I used my Canon. The difference is that I shot several, these three are just the ones that I thought came out the best. This is why I favor analog photography, often. You take your time to think about what it is that you want to capture – it’s almost as it is a contemplative process… even more so with large format. Off course, you can argue that cameras like the Nikon F5 or F6 shoots just as fast as a digital one, and that you have the possibility to take your time to compose photos when shooting digital as well. And what I arguing might as well be related to format, not just whether it is digital or analog. And you might be right, but just a little bit. Because even with a fast analog camera you would consider how much film you have at hand, and with a digital medium format camera you would take test shots – as you should.

Canon 6D

So, with the Hasselblad I took my time to get the shot I wanted, and I’m happy with it. I think the square format also serves the motive. With the Canon I ran around firing a bunch and hoped for a few good ones. I’m exaggerating a little bit but it’s easier to take a bunch when you can delete whatever you don’t want at no cost. There is an advantage to this though, its easier to explore. And the three digital pictures all have qualities I appreciate. I quite like the composition with the three boats and the foreground slightly out of focus. In the second one I played a bit more with the depth of field going for a sharp foreground instead – and I like it. Now, clearly I could have done the same with my analog camera as well, but there is a chance, and probably likely, that I wouldn’t have. On the last one the boat is clearly pushed to far left in the frame, but I enjoy the sky on that one so I kept it. I’m sure many will find the colors to be more natural in the digital ones than the analog one as well, but that might also be because I haven’t really mastered the dark art of scanning yet.

Canon 6D

These pictures remind me of my holidays when I was a kid. This is also the first proper, classical like holiday my own family did – very enjoyable. If you haven’t been to Denmark you should go.

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