Sea city

Ektar (810)

This is a picture of my hometown Kristiansund. It is located on three small Islands on the northwestern coast of Norway, with the city center located at the harbor basin. This is also shot with a large format camera, using color film this time. And again I’m applying camera movements to accentuate what I find to be characteristic for this city. But also because I wanted to shoot wide open and try the tilt effect for what it’s worth. I found this motive to be a perfect place to try that effect to the fullest.

I really like the way the city is built around that harbor. Before there were any bridges people had to go between the different islands by boat. And the boat you see in that picture is from those days (not that particular boat though), picking up passengers like a bus. This boat route has been going since the 1800’s. So, what I like about this picture is that I shot it while the boat is about to pick up passengers at the quay. I’m also happy about my choice of focus and how I was able to highlight what I found was important in that scene. To the right you can also spot the open ocean, which underlines that this really is a sea city.

I take pride in coming from that place. The wild, rugged coastline is beautiful. There is a lot of weather but nothing beats it on a sunny day. This is also the kind of a place that has to manage on its own with little, or no support from the central government. Quite the contrary, the government’s latest contribution to my hometown is to close the hospital and build a bigger one in the neighboring city. After closing down the police station and moving that too, this means the central government has pretty much taken away every job in the public sector distributing them to other parts of the county. It’s unfair beyond imagination. Despite all that this is still the kind of town were people you don’t know, in stark contrast to the neighboring towns, might start up a conversation in the local store. People are unpretentious and always have time for a chat. I have always appreciated that.

4 thoughts on “Sea city

  1. Stephen Thomason September 8, 2016 / 17:28

    Very nice, Peter. I also enjoyed your explanation and comments about your home town.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vegard Sandvik October 16, 2016 / 20:45

    Veldig flott bilde av Kristiansund, Peter. Både i tekst og foto. Selv synes jeg Karihola bør løsrive seg fra Kristiansund først som sist.

    Liked by 1 person

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