At church

Delta 3200 (120)

I took this photo at my nephew’s confirmation. The picture is of my niece – his older sister. It’s shot with my Hasselblad 500C/M on Ilford Delta 3200. I always use this film when shooting indoors. I’ve never mastered the use of flash to be honest. The film’s characteristics, I find, suits the scene in this wooden church very well – ads a bit of mystery or atmosphere to it.

There was not a lot of effort taking this shot. I was simply sitting on the bench behind fumbling with my camera, checking if the metering was fair, if I could get a good composition from that angle, and adjusting focus. I called her name, she turned her head and I took the picture. As it was completely quiet when I pushed the shutter everyone turned at the characteristic sound of the Hasselblad. It’s not particularly discreet – at all.

In this photo I like my nieces mild smile and all the light coming through the window. Even though it’s a family feast it gives the feeling of a quiet Sunday morning, partly because of the film I suppose. There’s a serenity in this photo I appreciate very much, and the quietness.

This church reminds me of the church of my youth and childhood. A small quiet church with a mellowed atmosphere. Probably I didn’t run down the church’s doors, and my parents never forced me… but I would always appreciate it when I went. And this photo of my niece is how I remember the church of my youth.

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